Hello, I'm Jamie. 46 years living in Hong Kong - How local do you want to get?

Award Winning Private Tours in amazing Hong Kong, former British Colony from 1841 - 1997

Tour Fee US$ 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People
3 Hours Day $360 $420 $480 $540 $600 $660
4 Hours Day (half day tour) $420 $480 $540 $600 $660 $720
5 Hours Day $480 $540 $600 $660 $720 $780
6 Hours Day $540 $600 $660 $720 $780 $840
7 Hours Day $600 $660 $720 $780 $840 $900
8 Hours Day (full day tour) $660 $720 $780 $840 $900 $960
3 Hours Night $380 $440 $500 $560 $620 $680
4 Hours Night $440 $500 $560 $620 $680 $740

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That's right no deposit required

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I do take last minute bookings

Check my calendar for my availability, it is 100% accurate as of 6am daily.

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Plenty of rest breaks!

May - September is the Hong Kong summer, the temperature will be approximately 33oC or 91oF with 80% - 90% humidity - on my tours we will rest, have a drink and cool down..... common sense will prevail!

Important : Please note that I do tours from between 3 hours to 12 hours and it is my job to maximise what you see no matter how many hours you have booked. - Hong Kong has an area of roughly 426sq miles (1,100 sq km) as such attractions are widely spaced apart and this has to be taken into account when considering the length of a tour.  It is simply not realistic to expect to see Hong Kong’s Top 10 attractions in 4 hours! (You would need a minimum of 3 days to do them all!) and this is where I come in - having lived in Hong Kong for 46 years and having done 50,000 + journeys on our subway system and 40,000+ journeys on the buses so I am an expert on timing and the most effective use of our public transport system. - the aim is simply to show you the best that Hong Kong has to offer. In addition I have done well over 2,000 tours which means I have a pretty fair idea of how to maximise what you see within the time frame of a tour and the longer the tour the more you will see, over 30% of my tours are 8 hours in length - no matter what tour length you decide on, whether it be 4 hours or 12 hours, I will show you the best that Hong Kong has to offer.

In tour guide language:-

  • a half day tour is 4 hours
  • a full day tour is 8 hours

My Private Tours are a combination of walking / using public transport with emphasis on using the MTR (Subway System) which is NOT subject to road traffic conditions - this is by far the best way to see Hong Kong and the most optimal use of your time, I am very sensitive to peoples physical condition in relation to walking and naturally I adapt accordingly no matter what the weather.

What makes my private tours different and memorable is that we walk and travel around on public transport (the best way to see Hong Kong!) so that you can get the real feel of the city with me as I have a real local knowledge of Hong Kong and have lived here for 45 years..

After the tour you will get my highly rated self guided tours allowing you to explore Hong Kong with confidence during the rest of your stay.

Price List Notes

  • My NIGHT tour runs from 7pm - 10 pm or 7pm - 11pm
  • logistically a 12 hour tour in one day would be the maximum.
  • 10 / 11 / 12 hour tours are day / night tours
  • please contact me for pricing for 9,10,11 and 12 hour tours
  • For more than 6 people add US$60 per person on top of the 6 person price - For large group tours (more than 6 people) please contact me for confirmation prior to booking.
  • If you book a tour then you are booking a tour with me, I do not employ other guides thus ensuring you get the best quality tour
  • If you do have any special requests or interests (such as history, culture, visits to special places) then I am more than happy to fit these in and you should let me know about these as soon as possible using my booking form.
  • An 8 hour tour is classified as an "all day tour" and is particularly appropriate for those having just one or two days to explore Hong Kong - my most popular tour is the 8 hour tour, the next most popular tour is the 6 hour tour.

Price List Notes

  • If you book for example an 8 hour tour you CANNOT split the tour across 2 days, in this instance, this would be viewed as 2 separate tours and priced according to the price list.
  • The tour fee is the TOTAL tour fee
  • Please note the Price List above is in United States Dollars - US$
  • All terms and conditions + price list for my tours are on this handy downloadable PDF file
  • My fee which is US$ is payable in cash, you can pay in either HK$ or US$, whatever is convenient for you, the exchange rate is US$1 = HK$7.80
  • I can also accept payment in other currencies but subject to my confirmation in advance of the tour.
  • For cash payment I do not require a deposit before the day of the tour, we will settle up in cash on the day of the tour.
  • For credit card payment see below - I use the Payoneer payment system, a Mastercard Company - 100% secure

Please note that I am able to take payment for my TOURS by Mastercard or Visa if you wish, just let me know on the booking form, if you want to pay by credit card this must be processed 10 days before the tour as the processing can take a while, if you require further information then just ask.

Do not forget (2).jpg

Not covered in my fee schedule are:-

  • The cost of any public transport such as taxi's, buses, mini buses, ferries, trams, the Peak Tram, the MTR, the Airport Express, NP360 Cable Car etc. - in other words, transport costs are your responsibility. - sometimes in the interests of time I will suggest taking a taxi rather than other means of transport, I will always give you the option as taxi will be more expensive.
  • Meals / Drinks / Snacks / Souvenirs etc.
  • Entrance fees (where applicable) into parks and museums and the like - the cost of these is usually minimal and in some cases free.
  • Entrance fees and associated costs for EXAMPLE : the Ocean Park and Disneyland Theme Parks.
  • Please note - I pay my own transport costs.

Cancellation Policy

If for whatever reason you want to cancel your booked tour then please note the following:-

  • To cancel a confirmed tour email me or use my quick contact form to send me your notice of cancellation
  • I will always confirm a cancellation by email within 24 hours

Here are the conditions.

  •  50% of the fee is payable if a tour is cancelled 4 -10 days before the tour.;
  •  Less then 72 hours before the day of the tour - 100% of the tour cost;
  •  If you do not turn up for the tour - 100% of the tour cost - as I get paid on the day of the tour getting paid for cancellation is problematical! I am able to provide a safe and secure method of payment by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) for cancellation fees
  • I am one of the only private tour guides in Hong Kong that will accept a booking without a deposit or full payment in advance so please be very sure about making a booking, last minute cancellations are almost impossible to fill with another tour booking!!

Cutting a tour short

  • Please note that if you decide to cut the tour short for whatever reason (mainly tiredness, jet lag, kids playing up etc!) the FULL tour fee still applies, thank you for your understanding.

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The most magnificent city view in the world... the view from my spot at the Peak

The view from Barker Road at the Peak - awesome

We will use public transport to get around for a truly authentic experience.

A hazy winter view, January to be precise, looking across Hong Kong Harbour towards Hong Kong Island from TST Promenade, Kowloon

The fabulous night view from my spot at the Peak - simply stunning

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